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Renée Manfredi

“Manfredi goes boldly, with effortless grace and confidence.”  
— Kate Christensen, author of The Epicure’s Lament.

“Renee Manfredi has crafted a world that is as at once beautiful and authentic, recognizable and richly imagined.” 
— Chris Bohjalian, author of Midwives.

About the Book

A wary, middle-aged widow numbed by loss and disappointment. A preternaturally intelligent little girl who eavesdrops on the dead. A charming, sybaritic gay man torn between his love for his partner and the anarchy of his desires.These are the charged poles of Renée Manfredi’s gorgeously written first novel, a book that explores the currents of tenderness, responsibility and chance that turn strangers into a family. 

Anna Brinkman meets her ten-year-old granddaughter Flynn when the girl appears on her doorstep, desperate for a love more steadfast than any she has received from her parents. She meets Jack when he shows up in an AIDS support group she is running and does his best to get kicked out. What ensues in a house on the coast of Maine will be the great journey of all their lives. Filled with humor, sadness, and wisdom, Above the Thunder is a magical achievement.

About the Author

RENÉE MANFREDI is an American novelist.

Born in 1962 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she earned a BA at the University of Pittsburgh and a MFA at Indiana University, Bloomington.



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