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Philip Zaleski, Paul Kaufman

“A spiritual smorgasbord for nurturing the soul.”
— USA Today

About the Book

Drawing on the wisdom of teacher from the world's great religious traditions, including Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Ram Dass, Mother Mary Clare Vincent, Joan Halifax, and Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man, Gifts of the Spirit deepens our appreciation of such everyday routines as waking up, eating, and working, as well as the abundant rewards of enjoying music, gardening, walking, and being with others. Vivid descriptions of rituals from around the world help us find new spiritual meaning in life's key passages.

Discover everyday spiritual riches through:

  • Zen arts of cooking and eating
  • Jewish and Native American coming-of-age rituals
  • Bedouin rules of hospitality and friendship
  • Mindful approached to pregnancy and birth
  • Ancient Christian practices that nurture the dying
  • Shaker philosophies of daily work and craft
  • The Buddhist way to a peaceful night's sleep

About the Author

PHILIP ZALESKI is senior editor of Parabola magazine, coauthor of Gifts of the Spirit, and author of The Recollected Heart. His writing on the subject of religion and culture appears regularly in such national publications as The New York Times Book Review and Reader's Digest. He teaches religion at Smith College.



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