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“Skillfully weaves together stories from disparate cultures.” 
 The New Yorker

About the Book

The path from Europe to Africa has been much traveled in literature but rarely in such an evocative, nuanced, and even playful way as in N.S. Köenings's Theft. Here are five seductive tales that move with grace and subtlety between the two continents and reveal with insight and wit that what seem to be very separate worlds are not so far apart after all. In Pearls to Swine, a lonely childless socialite invites her American goddaughter to spend the summer in her mansion. In Wondrous Strange, a spirit medium is haunted by the ghost of an ancient African djinn. In Setting Up Shop, a young Zanzibari woman dreams of traveling to the U.S., even as a local entrepreneur courts her relentlessly, even promising to leave his other wives for her. 
Publishers Weekly

Köenings skillfully weaves together the stories of individuals from disparate cultures converging in a city that is entering a new era of political independence.
The New Yorker

About the Author

N.S. KOENINGS is a fiction writer and anthropologist. She is the author of the novel The Blue Taxi  and the short story collection Theft. She grew up partly in East Africa and since 1995 has often worked as a Swahili interpreter and translator. She has translated legal documents and human rights testimonies from Tanzania, and interviews with women, peace activists and child soldiers from the DRC. N.S. Köenings teaches fiction writing in the School for Interdisciplinary Arts at Hampshire College. The Wretched of Uhuru is her first literary translation.


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